Fyddeye.com Is Dead; Long Live Fyddeye

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Fyddeye.com has gone to that great internet in the sky. I euthanized it yesterday, after my web host provider, Rochen, threatened to kill it. Last week, the techies at Rochen placed the site in what they call an “abuse queue,” a kind of digital woodshed, and told me that Fyddeye.com was taking up too many resources on a shared server. (I found tech support at Rochen officious, rude, and unhelpful, but that’s water under the bridge now.) Shared servers are like apartment buildings for cheapskate webmasters such as myself. The service costs only $12 a month, but if the site takes up too much water or electricity, in a manner of speaking, the landlord can demand more money. That’s what Rochen did with me, and I moved out rather than pay $150 a month for a dedicated server. I don’t have that kind of money.

In truth, Fyddeye.com lives on my laptop in suspended animation as a zip file. I have no plans to revive it, because it was getting in my way. For months, I’d been considered a change in strategy for marketing my books. Fyddeye.com was intended to help me market the Fyddeye Guides (see links to the right), and it worked. But the site was growing stale, and I was stuck in the maritime history genre, which isn’t going to make anyone rich, let me tell you. So I decided to focus on my author persona as my “brand,” rather than Fyddeye itself. That’s the way most independent authors such as myself present their products.

I still have plans for Fyddeye. I’d like to publish a second edition of The Fyddeye Guide to America’s Maritime History, and the Fyddeye Guide to America’s Lighthouses. Maybe in 2014. But the Fyddeye brand will not have its own web presence. I’m already feeling that marketing my books under the “Joe Follansbee” brand will be easier and more flexible. And I can incorporate other projects, such as my science fiction.

What do you think about my strategy change?

8 thoughts on “Fyddeye.com Is Dead; Long Live Fyddeye

  1. The media game…um, the writing game is all about finding audience. I will miss the Fyddeye web site for its sense of community and searchable database. On the other hand, a bigger canvas means you can use more paint. Staying tuned…


    1. Thanks, Lou. Even though fyddeye.com is gone, I feel that the blog is a step forward for me as an author. There’s some wonderful paintings just round the corner!


  2. After all is said and done if a pet project is costing you more in time, energy and cash, well, there are only so many hours in the day and something things have to go. I was originally going to suggest ways to save the site (grants, switching hosting providers, etc.) but then I thought about the countless projects that I’ve set aside. Cheers to you, Joe, for all of your hard work and dedication to the genre. Much success to you with the sales of your books.


    1. Many thanks, Dean. I’ve received several suggestions for ways to save the site similar to yours, but I think Fyddeye.com has had its run. I’m really excited about my future projects. I hope you’ll stay tuned!


  3. I think it is a very smart move for you. This will mean you can focus on what you love to do which is writing and not trying to maintain a website and deal with cretin host providers.


    1. Totally agree. I did love working on Fyddeye.com, but a person can only work on so many things at once, and it was time to move my focus. Good things ahead!


  4. Hey, Joe, you have a friend in the website hosting business! Call me and we’ll figure out a way to keep Fyddeye.com alive. We can underwrite some of the costs and we don’t impose bandwidth limits. And we offer terrific, personal service!


    1. And you’re a good friend, Jim! If I hear of someone needing web hosting services, I’ll definitely mention your name.


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