A brief video about safety and intolerance, inspired by #safetypin

After the Brexit vote, the UK experienced a spike in attacks on minorities. The vote was largely about immigration, and the choice to leave the EU over border controls gave permission to a small number of Brits to harass dark-skinned and/or non-Christian immigrants. A Twitter user, @cheeahs, also known as miss pomeroy 1926, is credited with an idea for showing support for immigrants and others under attack.

The idea is this: wear a safety pin. It’s a brilliant idea, simple, to the point, and instantly recognizable.

Americans are adopting the symbol after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, women, and members of the LBGT community are all reporting verbal and physical assaults by ignorant thugs.

I made a brief video explaining why I’m wearing a safety pin. Let me know what you think.

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