Help! I need to update my author tagline. Please take this survey.

Not another survey
Only take a minute. Promise.

In today’s publishing market, every author needs a tagline, three to five words that give readers a sense of what he or she offers. This is especially true of unknown authors (like me), and it’s time that I update my tagline to reflect what I hope to offer readers in 2017.

I have a few ideas, but I need some help settling on a choice. I’d like to offer a survey with my favorite ideas, and solicit yours if you have a better idea. To help you, here’s the log lines from each of my as yet unpublished manuscripts in the Carbon Run series:

Carbon Run: In the 22nd century, an ex-sailor accidentally destroys an endangered species, forcing him to run from a fanatical inspector in the feared Bureau of Environmental Security.

City of Ice and Dreams: An ex-cop who’s lost her identity joins desperate climate refugees searching for a mythical city in Antarctica.

Restoration: In a future darkened by climate change, an urbane young woman faces adjustment to life in a divided small town as her father demolishes the last great dam on the Columbia River.

Here’s the survey. Please tell me what you think!

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