Download the podcast of Carbon Run, chapter one

Indie Beginning image
The Indie Beginning Podcast 8/20/2018 and 8/27/2018 featured my novel Carbon Run.

I was thrilled to work with podcasters Ben Franke and Marie Kammerer-Franke on two episodes of their epic Indie Beginning podcast, which features independent authors, such as myself. They recently published two podcasts related to my work. The first podcast was a reading of chapter one of Carbon Run, the first full-length novel in my series Tales From A Warming Planet. Here’s the full audio file, which you can play online or download for later playback.

For their second podcast, Ben and Maria interviewed me on my writing process, why I focus on climate change, and my views on the duty of a writer to address contemporary concerns. You can also listen to this interview below or download the file for playback at your convenience.

Let me know what you think of these podcasts.

What if I recorded the first chapters of the other two full-length novels, City of Ice and Dreams, and Restoration? Would you listen?

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