A major milestone: three new manuscripts

Round Table
Detail from a medieval French painting of the Knights of the Round Table

I haven’t posted much on the blog lately because I’ve been heads down on completing the third manuscript for my planned fantasy trilogy, the Future History of the Grail. The series takes a new slant on the Arthurian legends, updating characters, settings, and placing the entire world a thousand years into the future. It’s been really fun and exciting to reinvent a lot of the Arthurian traditions, such as Camelot, Guinevere’s relationship to Lancelot, and the purpose and meaning of the Grail. Here’s my current one-sentence descriptions for each novel.

Fall of the Green Land — When the Grail is discovered lost, King Arturus of Camelot calls on a group of knights to recover it and save the nation.

War for the Green Land — After a setback in the Grail Quest, Arturus recalls the searchers to fight off an invasion by the Lucian Empire.

Return of the Green Land — As the quest for the Grail reaches its climax, Camelot is threatened from within by a traitor.

I’m now in the midst of editing all three manuscripts. They need a lot of polish and a professional eye, but I feel pretty good about what I’ve got. No publication date yet, but I’m hoping to have them out by Christmas.

What do you think? Does the series interest you?

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