All 3 Grail books are free today; A new sci-fi anthology is out

Series covers
The entire series of The Future History of the Grail is free today.

All three books in my series, The Future History of the Grail, are available free for Kindle today through Sunday, April 25. The books include Fall of the Green Land, War for the Green Land, and Return to the Green Land. On a future Earth facing a climate disaster, a knight searches for the Lost Grail and a way to save his country from dark forces within and without. The books are based on the King Arthur legends, but I’ve put a sci-fi twist on the stories, setting them a thousand years in the future.

Fix the World cover
My story, “Who Shall Reap the Grain of Heaven?”, is published this new anthology.

More exciting news! I’ve published a new short story, “Who Shall Reap the Grain of Heaven?”, in an anthology, Fix the World: Twelve Sci-Fi Writers Save the World. The editor, J. Scott Coatsworth, who also authored one of the stories, has put together an amazing collection of climate change stories with an upbeat feel, something sorely missing from most climate-change related fiction. In my story, an abbot running a program to fight climate disaster is ordered by the Pope to stop, despite the billionaire donor’s last wishes. I’m really honored to be among such incredible talent.

Please support my work and the work of other independent writers by purchasing a book today!

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