The third novel in the series, Tales From A Warming Planet

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Tales From A Warming Planet: Restoration

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What if you fell in love with a man whose father hated your father? In a near-future wracked by climate change, Junie Wye is an urbane, sassy 17-year-old forced to move from her big city to a divided desert town. Her dad, Ed, has a difficult, dangerous job: removing an enormous hydroelectric dam blocking a beautiful river. Junie meets a young man, Don Rast, whose father, Covington, opposes taking down the dam. Though the government wants it taken away, others will do anything to keep it, including sabotage and threats. Meanwhile, a conspiracy brews that could mean the deaths of thousands downstream. Will Junie and Don overcome their parents’ hostility? Is the dam a million-ton bomb waiting to go off?

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“An excellent near-future story blending ecological issues, small-town politics, teenage romance and father-daughter relationships.” — Amazon customer (verified purchase)

“Takes a deep look at how dealing with the wounds humans inflicted upon the Earth affects people.” — Ashleigh Gauch