Articles and Guest Posts

These are some of my recently published podcasts, magazine articles, and guest blog posts.

8/27/2018: My interview on the Indie Beginning podcast.

8/20/2018: The Indie Beginning podcast reading of Carbon Run, chapter one.

6/9/2018: Three reasons why you should put climate change in your novel (Review Tales)

1/30/2018: Anxious about climate change? There’s a cow-farting-methane emoji for that. (I’m quoted.)

11/23/2017: Is it Time to Put Climate Change at the Centre of Speculative Fiction? (The Writing Greyhound)

9/29/2017: The six top rules for writing fiction about climate change (SFFWorld)

9/15/2017: Climate change is here. Storytelling is one way we can cope. (Fit & Beautiful Heart)

5/20/2014: Ship Shape: A Boatbuilding Revival (Seattle Business)

4/1/2014: State cracks down on derelict boats (Crosscut)

3/10/2014: Development planning for SoDo, Seattle’s “Gritty Backbone” (I’m quoted.)

2/13/2014: Written in saltwater: It’s time to stand up for Washington’s maritime history (Crosscut)

12/30/2013: Cli-fi: A perfect storm of sci-fi and global warming (Linda Collison’s blog)

12/2/2013: A part of NW fishing science could be lost (Crosscut)

October, 2013: Deep down, Global Diving & Salvage knows what it’s doing (Seattle Business)

October, 2013: Design-Build: Collaborate Ideas for Your Next Construction Project (Alaska Airlines Magazine)

3/18/2013: Used bookstores: The next notch in Amazon’s belt? (Crosscut)

2/18/2013: Why is the ‘Wawona’ sculpture so mystifying? (Crosscut)

November, 2012: Always a view [Rick Steves profile] (Seattle Business)

October, 2012: Sea change: Seattle needs maritime workers (Seattle Business)

July, 2012: No place like home (Seattle Magazine)

March, 2012: Is Seattle it’s own greatest road block? (Seattle Magazine)

March, 2012: Crime Central: Can Belltown make a comeback? (Seattle Magazine)

January, 2012: Pioneer Square’s big new deal (Seattle Magazine)

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