Return to the Green Land

Return to the Green Land cover

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Red-haired Sir Percival, distraught at his failures and accusations against him of cowardice, takes on a new quest to redeem himself. A dying King Arturus asks him to travel to the Hot Lands in search of the Last Grail, the final chance to repair the machine that protects Viridiae’s climate. Percival’s twin sister Dee, a rising tapestry artist, accompanies the expedition to the ruined city of Cassanti. They discover the Last Grail guarded by a priestess, who agrees to hand the device to Percival. But the price she demands could cost Dee her life. Will Dee risk everything to help Percival achieve the Grail? And will the device, if found, return the Green Land to its former health and beauty?

Return to the Green Land, the third novel in the fantasy series The Future History of the Grail, re-imagines the King Arthur legends, placing them a thousand years in the future. The first and second books are Fall of the Green Land and War for the Green Land.

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