War for the Green Land

War for the Green Land cover

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The characters and settings of the story were filled with wonder, excitement, adventure, and thrill. All elements of science fiction, adventure, dystopian natured material, and post-apocalyptic notions are embodied in this storyline.” — Jeyran Main, Review Tales

The iconic names of Arthurian legend retain some of the identifying traits we expect, yet they are freshly drawn, relevant, and have agency under the author’s pen.” — L.S. Collison, author of Nurse Kit Carson’s Knife & Gun Club series

Red-haired Sir Percival and ailing King Arturus, captured after the Battle of the River Colum, face slavery in the Lucian Empire. Victorious General Robert Dardarius forces thousands of Viridian captives on a death march to the Lucian capital, but he offers Arturus a deal: Turn over information about the Viridian Grail, and he will stop his invasion of Viridiae and its capital, Camelot. Merlin appears in the Lucian capital with something better, a second Grail. Percival, Arturus, and Merlin escape the Lucians, but when they reach the reorganized Viridian army under Mordred Lothian, a new battle with the Lucians takes shape. Will Percival restore the true Grail to the Green Land and face down the Lucian threat?

War for the Green Land, the second novel in the fantasy series The Future History of the Grail, re-imagines the King Arthur legends, placing them a thousand years in the future. The first and third books are Fall of the Green Land and Return to the Green Land.

Author J.G. Follansbee reads the first one thousand words of War for the Green Land.

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