10 amazing authors who put climate change into their novels

top authors climate change
10 top authors who put climate change into their novels

More and more fiction writers, especially in the speculative fiction realm, are adding climate change themes to their stories. Some of the best known include¬†Kim Stanley Robinson, Margaret Atwood, and Paolo Bacigalupi. Here’s 10 writers you may not have read, but offer amazing and thoughtful stories about a warmed future.

James Bradley: Clade (2015)

Lisa Devaney: In Ark: A Promise of Survival (2014)

Karl Taro Greenfeld: The Subprimes (2015)

Emmi Itäranta: A Memory of Water (2014)

Kelvin Christopher James: Augments of Change (2016)

Rachel Meehan: Water’s Edge (2013)

Jonathan Porritt: The World We Made (2013)

Jane Rawson: A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists (2013)

Sharmon Apt Russell: Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2016)

Claire Vaye Watkins: Gold Fame Citrus (2015)

For an excellent list of writers focusing on climate change and climate science, check out the Spotlight on Climate Change Authors feature on Eco-Fiction.com.

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