Cast of characters for Future History of the Grail

A dramatis personae for The Future History of the Grail

Creating the cast of characters for the Future History of the Grail is some of the most fun I’ve had as a writer. I’d like to share a dramatis personae from all three books: Fall of the Green Land, War for the Green Land, and Return to the Green Land. The books are on sale now on Amazon for Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited. There’s also a bundle of all three.

  • Primary characters
    • Sir Percival Rathkeale, a knight of the Round Table
    • Dindrane “Dee” Rathkeale, Sir Percival’s twin sister
    • Lady Eleanor Rathkeale, Percival and Dee’s mother
    • King Arturus III, monarch of Viridiae
    • Queen Guinevere Carmelide, wife of Arturus
    • Dame Lancelot du Lac, a knight of the Round Table
    • Merlin Ambrosius, chief science advisor to the Arturii dynasty
    • Prince Mordred Lothian, prime minister of Viridiae
    • Lady Morgause Lothian, mother of Prince Mordred
    • Sir Gawain Lothian, Mordred’s half-brother
    • Sir Christopher Bors, a knight of the Round Table
    • Sir Galahad du Lac-Corbenic, a knight of the Round Table
  • Major secondary characters
    • Brabus Olc, mayor of Perditon, Viridiae’s second city
    • Jarn, leader of the Deer People
    • Vetrania Cardea, empress of Lucanus
    • Robert Dardarius Juventa, a general of the Army of Lucanus
    • Ganieda Ambrosius, artist and brother to Merlin
    • Edlina “Lina” Catalpec, artist and lover to Sir Percival
    • Cereris, High Cleric and Deacon of the Chancery of the Grail

I’ve imagined many more characters too numerous to list, but I’d love to hear your feedback on each of these. Let me know what you think!

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