10 more writing prompts for stories about climate change

10 more writing prompts
Use these writing prompts to spark your imagination.

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Unsure how to start writing a story with climate change themes? Here’s some prompts to help you develop a plot or characters.

The DNA modifications clinic specialized in tolerance of the New Heat.

They turned the obsolete canal that once carried water to the arid valley into a race course.

When the sea level rose six inches, it flooded my daughter’s playground.

The farmers abandoned the groves, leaving rows upon rows of dead trees stretching to the horizon.

The desalination plant was their only source of water after The Warming. Then it failed.

The forest remnant—a paradise in a micro-climate—was surrounded by loggers.

“Adapt or die, they say. When is it better to just die and get it overwith?”

The entrepreneur promised to reverse global warming. And then he switched on the device.

His ship was the last powered by bunker oil. And then he tried to run.

She railed against the oil companies for failing to change. And then he received the check.

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Do you have any suggested climate fiction prompts?

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