10 writing prompts to help you write stories about climate change

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Having trouble with story ideas about climate change? Here’s some prompts.

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Climate change is tough for fiction writers. How do you tell a story about a slow-moving disaster? Here’s some writing prompts inspired by the changes to our planet caused by rising temperatures.

“I watched the tide come in. And then it wouldn’t stop.”

“I checked the CO2 data three times, professor. It simply went off the scale.”

“The models said Category 6 hurricanes were impossible. Then the barometer fell to nothing.”

Consuelo’s job depended on water, until the rains stopped.

The sea wall was a hundred years old before the robots started the repairs.

Sunscreen stocks rose on Wall Street like heat off the New Deserts.

Officer Dreg issued her final recycling ticket of the day. She missed her quota.

Gene cried over the carcass. He’d never see a polar bear again.

The team broke the previous record for sailing across the Arctic Ocean by six hours.

From orbit, the greenhouses on Antarctica looked like viridian buttons.

Need more writing prompts on climate change? Check these out.

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Do you have a climate change, climate science, or global warming writing prompt? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “10 writing prompts to help you write stories about climate change

  1. I hope your prompts do inspire someone, but as with all prompts, I tend to think that if you have so few ideas of your own that you need a prompt, maybe you’re not ready to write. Especially with something as complex as climate change. Hopefully, they would at least get up to speed on the facts of climate change. There’s an idea for you! How about links to a few online articles?

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  2. I have written two short books on climate change during the past year. It was tough because the science is strong but not yet conclusive. The topic is important and politics need to be removed. The two books are for all “ages”. Adults and children like them. Each contain an original storyline, characters, and writing style. I found it important to keep my eye on the moral and stay away from some controversial details. Each book has a problem and solution and a touch of magical fantasy. I found these stories draw readers to the topic while raising general awareness but without excessive worry. It’s hard but a fulfilling topic area. These stories really lend themselves to animation short films. I encourage you to take the challenge. We need more work in this area and especially for kids and young adults. -dk

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    1. I’m glad you found an approach that works for you. I must disagree with your assertion that “the science is strong but not yet conclusive.” The evidence for man-made climate change is overwhelming. It’s happening, and it’s happening now. Find a way to tell the story, but don’t pull punches on the truth.

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  3. “Yes class, 200 years ago, humanity almost did itself in, but today we are starting a unit on what happened back then to get us to today. We are going to learn how climate change was reversed by those long-ago heroes.”

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