10 extra writing prompts for stories about climate change

10 extra writing prompts
10 extra writing prompts for stories about climate change

You’re a science fiction or literary writer. You know climate change is important, but you’re unsure what story to tell. Here’s some prompts to get you thinking.

The virus emerged after an ancient lake finally dried out.

The water guard killed the man who took the fresh liter without a license.

Included in the suicide note was the final reading of atmospheric CO2.

Jill was the last person left in the town whose sea wall had failed.

The ship, named the Arctic Traverser, hoisted sail in the Beaufort Sea.

Brazilian soldiers stood guard over the last glacier in Antarctica.

When the war ended, Eurasia owned all of the western hemisphere’s water.

Seen from space, the hurricane stretched from Barbados to the Cape Verde Islands.

When the submarine surfaced, the wind power station was doomed.

When Matt tightened the last bolt on the orbital sun screen, his job had only just started.

Need more ideas? Check out my first and second groups of climate change writing prompts.

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