One my stories is in a new anthology, After the Orange, about a post-Trump world.

After the Orange cover
One of my speculative fiction stories appears in the new anthology, After the Orange: Ruin and Recovery.

I’m very proud to be among 29 authors in a just-published speculative fiction anthology, After the Orange: Ruin and Recovery, from B Cubed Press. The authors imagine the world 20 years after the departure of President Trump from the Oval Office.

“Some stories are about imagined Resistance fighters, while others envision people cheerfully making the best of their situation,” says Manny Frishberg, the book’s editor. “Generally, the farther in the future a story looks, the more likely it is to be optimistic.”

My contribution, titled “The Orange Street Parking Garage is FULL/OPEN,” tells the story of two homeless people in Washington, DC, one of which has trouble remembering his past. In a former government building abandoned to rising sea levels, he discovers a photograph that brings back happy memories of the president, and terrible memories of a tragedy.

Titles of other stories include “Garbage Patch Kids,” “Maybe the Monarchs,” by Endeaver Award winner Brenda Cooper, and K.G. Anderson’s “Bad Memories, 2032.”

A percentage of the sales of After the Orange and other books from B Cubed Press is donated to the Washington State ACLU. Please consider purchasing a copy today.

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