I’ve been published in a new sci-fi anthology

Two-Hour Transport cover image
Two-Hour Transport is a new anthology of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror from Seattle-area writers.

I’m excited to be included in a just-published anthology of Seattle-area sci-fi, fantasy, and horror authors. The title is Two-Hour Transport, and it’s rooted in a community of authors that’s been sharing its work at Cafe Racer in the Ravenna neighborhood. My contribution is an excerpt from my novel Carbon Run.

The editors are Nicole Bade and Theresa J. Barker. The authors include Elly Bangs, Keyan Bowes, Sherry Decker, Laura Lucas, Seelye Martin, Patrick Hurley, Jeff Abrams, Douglass Rudoff, Nisi Shawl, Rebecca Brown, Allison Green, Derek Fetters, Tom Patton, Kyra Worrell, Tod McCoy, Jon Lasser, Mitchell Shanklin, Sirena Ross, Andy Dudak, Oscar McNary, Evan J. Peterson, G.G. Silverman, Genevieve Williams, Joanne Rixon, Liz Kellebrew, K.G. Anderson, and Eileen Gunn. The editors also contributed work.

Check it out!

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