A new short story is published; another award from a prestigious contest

One of my stories is published in The Rabbit Hole Weird Stories Volume Two.

It’s exciting when you get two pieces of great news in the same week. I’ll give you the second one first. On Tuesday, my short story “The Disappearance of Hogan’s Corner” was published in the anthology The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume II, published by Writers Co-op. The book is available in paperback for $11.50 and as an ebook for 99 cents. The anthology contains 29 speculative, sci-fi, horror, and “weird” stories. Here’s the blurb from Amazon.

This second volume of The Rabbit Hole is every bit as flumbiferous as the first. Which is just as Alice likes, because weirdness abounds and the warren never ends. Are you out for revenge? You’ll need the right app. Or perhaps you’ve done something foolish? Never mind – it can be undone. Would you like to be in a video game? That too can be arranged – at a cost.

The second bit of news is just as cool. On Sunday, I learned that another short story, “Who Shall Reap the Grain of Heaven?” earned an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest for the third quarter of 2019. I’ve been honored by this contest in the past. My story, “The Pupfish of Miracle Spring,” got a Silver Honorable Mention in the WOTF contest for Q3, 2017. I was also awarded WOTF Honorable Mention in Q2 2017 for my novelette, The Mother Earth Insurgency. MEI is the first story in my series, Tales From A Warming Planet.

I’ve got more projects in the offing and more submissions out in the publishing universe. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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