Review: Ex Machina and the amoral machine

Spoilers ahead… The key moment of Ex Machina arrives when eccentric tech CEO Nathan Bateman tells Caleb Smith, his employee, why the young programmer was selected to deliver a sophisticated Turing test on Ava, Nathan’s android invention. Nathan lists off the reasons, and one of them is Caleb’s “moral compass,” his understanding of right and … More Review: Ex Machina and the amoral machine

Security Robot

I’ve been revising Chapter 2, wherein Penn, the main character, escapes the clutches of Inspector Viruet. The good inspector is assisted by a security robot, a polished black, waist-high device which I describe as a headless, neckless, de-feathered ostrich. I was inspired somewhat by the All Terrain Scout Transport in the Imperial Walkers series of Star Wars. … More Security Robot